Commercial Murals

Commercial Murals

It doesn’t matter the surface.  You provide the logo and the space and I will duplicate your emblem on your building.

If you don’t have a specific logo system, like this high school, I can design it for you, integrating the colors and mascots with a designed free-hand background.

Got a cinder block wall or another such necessary but boring space?  This is the result from the back of an optometrist’s office.  Yes, the eye chart is to scale for someone standing at the back of their building.  What an innovative use of an otherwise unattractive space.

If you cannot spend a lot to travel to Italy, bring Italy to your walls.  I’ve done ancient Egypt, Greece, medieval castles and quaint English villages.  Where do you want to have dinner this evening?

Why not add an innovative theme to an otherwise bland office lobby.  What’s your favorite creative idea?  I can suit your own eclectic style.